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What is Ideogram AI?

Ideogram AI is a generative AI tool that lets you create images and art with prompts. It is a relatively new AI generative platform where users can create realistic and consistent images with nothing but a few lines of text.

Ideogram AI is different from other AI text to image generators because of its sophisticated diffusion models and the capacity to add text over or in the image, which the other leading text-to-image generators like Midjourney can’t do.

In this article, we will explore the 50 best Ideogram AI prompts that you can use and learn to implement them in your own prompts.

best ideogram ai prompts

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Best Ideogram AI prompts:

Prompt 1: Continuous line drawing

a professional abstract minimalist continuous line drawing of A graceful dancer in mid-performance, painting

You can replace the words “A graceful dancer in mid-performance” with any subject of your choice like “A woman with sunglasses”, “A man with a briefcase” etc. It looks truly artistic and fluid.

Prompt 2: Coloring Book

A coloring page for adults of A Lion, Mandala Style, black and white, White Background, Clean Line Art, Vector Lines

Replace the Lion with anything of your choice. Works best for coloring books.

Prompt 3: Cartoon Illustration

Cartoon happy cute German Shorthair pointer puppy in a Halloween Jack-o-lantern with the text “trick or treat”, vibrant, poster, illustration

Prompt 4: Portrait Photography

A stunningly beautiful Caucasian woman, illustration, portrait photography, dark fantasy, cinematic, conceptual art, poster

Replace the Caucasian woman with any person or object. It is perfect for portrait type of photos

Prompt 5: Elaborate Mood Description

country side road, pouring rain, night, car lights in the distant, phone posts, gravel, forest in the distant, dull colors, the text “DREAM ON” written vibrant blue neon light floating on the side of the road, dark fantasy, photo

You can replace the text “DREAM ON” with anything you like. Its perfect for lyrics videos, relationship, relaxation posts. Elaborate your image description with as many details as possible.

Prompt 6: Book Cover

The cover for a book called “Eternal Passion”. A couple in a passionate embrace against a backdrop of a beautiful sunset

Replace the text with the name of the book and follow it up with the idea of what your book cover should look like.

Prompt 7: Artistic

„The Fool“ Tarot Archetype young man by Anna Dittmann :: Carne Griffiths :: Andreas Lie :: Russ Mills :: Leonid Afremov, painting

Prompt 8: Anime Style

The logo is the handwritten text “SABI” with the anime character yuji itadori from jujutsu kaisen in a circle of black and red splashes, image, print, vector, anime , cinematic

Prompt 9: Glitch Art

“AI” text overlay on top of a mysterious digital ASCII glitch art of a skull, pixel ASCII glitch art, by Jean-Michel Basquiat, 3d render

Prompt 10: Minimalistic ink

minimalistic ink drawing style, vanishing point on white paper, one line artwork by Tsutomu Nihei portraying a Motorcycle rider, dynamic design, watercolor splash art incorporated as complimentary elements samurai. Create high quality 4k

Prompt 11: Logo with Text

Logo with text “Dream Big” white background, product, poster, 3d render, typography

Prompt 12: Coloring Book Cover

vibrant romantic detailed kids coloring book cover, frame full of flowers and a detailed cute princess upper body in the centre, typography, illustration, 3d render

Prompt 13: Stained Glass

A stained glass window depicting a Wolf

Prompt 14: Halftone Sketch

Vintage halftone black line sketch in a 1960’s movie poster style of A man with his dog with text: “Good Boy”, poster

Prompt 15: Glass Calligraphy

Text “Royal”, deep orange-gold with crown, vibrant, glass calligraphy trimmed in gold, cinematic, 3d render, photo

Prompt 16: Isometric View

isometric view of a barbie house, 3d render

Prompt 17: Travel Poster

A vintage travel poster with text “Travel is my Therapy”, poster

Prompt 18: Digital Painting

An enchanted forest shrouded in a perpetual twilight, bioluminescent flora casting an eerie, yet captivating glow, a winding, luminescent river reflecting the otherworldly scene, Artwork, digital painting, painting

Prompt 19: Watercolor on paper

A dense, magical forest at dawn, where ancient trees part to reveal a hidden waterfall cascading into a pristine, mirror-like lake, the scene exudes serenity and the promise of adventure, Illustration, watercolor on paper

Prompt 20: Abstract portrait

Generate an abstract portrait using cubist elements, showcasing multiple perspectives of a woman’s face within a single composition, photo

Prompt 21: Van Gogh Style

A modern cityscape under a swirling starry night sky, Vincent van Gogh Style, painting

Prompt 22: Holding a sign

A baby kitty holding a sign that says “Feed me Human”

Prompt 23: Logo in comic spray

logo in comic spray sign the word are, “AI NOVA PRO” and wall comic spray style it should be attached fabric color black’ grey’ brown’ white, graffiti, illustration, cinematic, 3d render, typography, photo, poster

Prompt 24: Spot paint

Colorful spot paint splatter of a Wolf, high details, symmetrical, super detailed, painting

Prompt 25: Ukiyo-e

A mighty warrior facing a fierce dragon, conceptual art, ukiyo-e

Prompt 26: Food photography

Close up shot of a burger, food photography, advertisement, text “SIX GUYS”

Prompt 27: Embroidery

1970s punk patch; text “SABI” in embroidery on a textured fabric at the center; dark background, vibrant. Cute Cat wearing a sunglass and big gamer headphones

Prompt 28: Vector t-shirt Design

Design a vibrant and colorful vector t-shirt featuring a sunset over the Chetumal Bay, with a lighthouse as the central focus, inspired by Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘Shokoku Takimeguri.’ The design should incorporate elements from anime, be in 4k resolution, and evoke a vibrant and transformative atmosphere

Prompt 29: Artist Inspired

A Fox. colorful, repeating polka dots and mirror-like reflections, Yayoi Kusama-Inspired Image

Prompt 30: Fantasy art

MASTERPIECE, by Luis Royo :: Conrad Roset :: Agnes Cecil :: Karol Bak, surreal art, fantasy art, sci-fi, dark fantasy

Prompt 31: Baroque style

viridian apotheosis, baroque style, intricate detail, conceptual art

Prompt 32: Futuristic Cyberpunk

cyberpunk ninja stealthily navigating a neon-lit, futuristic cityscape

Prompt 33: Made of Yarn

A cute Green Parrot made of Yarn, highly detailed and knitted in yarn, 3d render

Prompt 34: Text with Neon lights

Neon lights on the wall, text “My Happy Place”, photo

Prompt 35: Silhouette Logo Design

silhouette logo Design Main Text: “Best Teacher Ever” in the shape of a heart presented in an enchanting, mystical font with swirling, ethereal embellishments. Background: A dark, velvety black to create a mysterious and magical ambiance, vector art illustration, typography, graffiti, conceptual art, poster, 3d render, vibrant, anime, painting

Prompt 36: Woolen text

text: “Ai is Cool” cute woolen text, Solid background, clouds, 3d render, typography, vibrant, poster

Prompt 37: Continuous line drawing

Ultra minimalist continuous line drawing of “India”, Taj Mahal, typography, vibrant, graffiti

You can replace the word “India” with your city name, place name and the monument with any famous building of your city or country. For example: Ultra minimalist continuous line drawing of “Paris”, Eiffel Tower, typography, vibrant, graffiti

Prompt 38: Double-exposure

Create eye-catching double-exposure photos that seamlessly blend the presence of woman and the spectacle of a mountain. Capturing the harmony between the human form and the forest, using light and shadow to emphasize the connections between them and create visually compelling narratives., wildlife photography, painting, cinematic, photo, vibrant, conceptual art, dark fantasy, portrait photography

Prompt 39: Portrait Illustration

Dusty Red Portrait Illustration of a Woman, highly detailed, 8K, illustration

Prompt 40: Tattoo Design

Maori Tattoo Design, highly detailed, 8K

Prompt 41: Game Characters

Very realistic and High details Kratos from God of War, cinematic, high detail, photo, dark fantasy, 4k

Prompt 42: One line Logo Design

One line horizontal form design a company logo for a digital marketing company named “Digit” in actual style google, oracle, lines and dots, product, vibrant, typography, 3d render

Prompt 43: Logo Design with Brand Name

logo design. A coffee cup with steam forming a heart shape, conveying warmth and love for coffee. text “Bean Bliss”

Prompt 44: Retro Vector Art

Retro looking vector art with bus at the front and mountains at the back and a text saying “Let’s Travel”

Prompt 45: Abstract quilling

Abstract Inca God made from quilling on black background. Realistic, 3d render

Prompt 46: Antique grunge art

A woman, Antique grunge art, highly detailed, white background, 8K, 3d render

Prompt 47: Heart Shaped Fill

Text “Cat Lover”. heart shape fill, painting, graffiti, typography, vibrant, anime, dark fantasy

Prompt 48: Poster with Text

A lone wolf howling at the moon with the text “Wild at Heart” reflecting a free spirit, dark fantasy, poster

Prompt 49: 3D Render

A heart made up of blood red wine color ,blood drop falling, rose garden in the background, night ,moon light illuminates, mysterious surrounding,detailed,clean,realistic 4k ,high quality , 3d render, dark fantasy, cinematic

Prompt 50: Product Photography

beautiful container of Whey Protein. Text “Muscle Blaze”, and an intricate Chocolate themed label, with mixed cocoa scattered about , product, typography, 3d render

Customize it with your Product and Brand Name.


How does Ideogram AI work?
Ideogram AI is a generative AI program that uses accurate typography within photos to produce photorealistic artwork and images. It uses advanced diffusion models to turn text prompts into stunning AI-generated images.

You can watch this YouTube video below for a quick walkthrough on how to use Ideogram AI.

How to get started with Ideogram AI?
To get started with Ideogram AI, simply visit the Ideogram AI website: and sign up using your Google account. Anyone can easily start utilizing the platform thanks to the site’s simple and user-friendly interface. When you arrive at the site, you’ll see examples of images created with Ideogram AI and options to start generating your own images.

What are some use cases of Ideogram AI?
Ideogram AI can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating art, generating images for social media, or designing graphics for websites, book covers, logos etc. It can also be used for marketing purposes, such as creating images for ads or promotional materials. Additionally, Ideogram AI can be used for personal projects, such as creating custom wallpapers or designing greeting cards.


Ideogram AI is a powerful tool that can help you create stunning images and artwork with just a few lines of text. With its advanced diffusion models and reliable typography, Ideogram AI sets itself apart from other AI generative platforms. By using the 50 best Ideogram AI prompts listed in this article, you can create beautiful and realistic images that are sure to impress. Whether you’re a marketer, artist, or just someone looking to explore the boundaries of your imagination, Ideogram AI is definitely worth checking out.

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  2. James Meade Avatar
    James Meade

    I like graffiti art for t-shirts; do you have any prompts for that?

    1. Sabi Uddin Avatar

      Yes here are a few:
      1) Graffiti spray painting , urban street art, vibrant colors, t – shirt design, 2d, vector, flat,with white background, graffiti

      You can Remix it here:
      2) Edgy t-shirt design “Street Graffiti”: A dynamic design incorporating vibrant graffiti art and urban elements., graffiti

      Remix it here:

      3) Fits in the print pattern of the T-shirt, Icon, Individual patterns, Vector diagram, Abstract generalization, Concise atmosphere, Bright colors, A combination of text and patterns, high details, best quality

      Remix it here :

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